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Content &Clips

production of video and photo content
for fashion and corporate PR.



You can't get past video these days. Regardless of whether you want to transport

a lifestyle or explain a complex process,

video take’s a leading role in the modern marketing mix.

Nobody can ignore social media anymore

and for everyone there is a suitable channel that wants to be fed.

Whether its Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, the moving image

has significantly increased in recent years

and gained importance.


Berlin based videographer, photographer and content creator Heiko Laschitzki

I have been working as a professional photographer for over 15 years in the fashion, documentary and corporate business areas, during this time I have received several awards for my work. In the last three years I have also been working increasingly as a cameraman / DOP and content creator for social media and online streaming.

If needed, I can take care of the entire planning and production process, going with you through all necessary steps from planing a shoot to putting together the team. I have a broad network of scriptwriters, PR specialists & editors, Make-up artists, stylists, presenters, speakers, assistants and good relations to model agencies at home and abroad.

I shoot regularly in Germany, Canary Islands, Greece and Thailand. As a trained rescue diver, I can also offer shoots in and under water. Plus I own a drone with the corresponding pilot license.


Heiko Laschitzki Videograf
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