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some samples
of my work

This video was shot spontaneously next to

an editorial photo shoot on the island of Tenerife.

I also did the styling

and the edit.

Combined photo and video shoot in Greece. We photographed around 15 outfits per day

and additionally recorded the same amount on video

for Instagram stories and reels.

I did the production, styling, camera and edit on this job.

Buenavista Jeans


For the introduction of the electric cargo bike, I produced a short video in Berlin. Production, casting, directing, camera and editing... I basically did it all alone with the help of one assistant on the shooting day.


Shoot for 


in Greece 


With bodywear brand  DSTM

I produced a video and some photos at the Greek coast.

Jenga Mama

documentary DOP
documentary DOP
documentary DOP
documentary DOP

In Kenya I filmed in cooperation with IFAW the "Jenga Mama" project in the Amboseli region. All footage in this video was recorded by me, except the middle part from

min 1 to 1:30



For the agriculture and energy company "LANDWIND",

I was taking portraits of the employees and the management.

Alongside my work as a photographer,

I recorded and edited this image video.

Videograf Social Media
Videograf Instagram

For Goertz Shoes

I photographed and filmed for three days on the island of Tenerife to produce Clips for Instagram Stories as well as pictures for online and print advertising.

For the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR

I recorded and edited a video

about a new project that educates

refugees to become swim couches

for the German school sport.

Video abspielen

I basicly worked as a one man team, without any assistance, shooting all footage on one morning
without no preparation and editing it the week after.



I worked on several underwater projects during the last years. Doing a documentary about freediving for Red Bull and working for several dive magazines. I always love jumping into the water.

underwater DOP
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